Teas Exam Guide

If you intend to enroll in a nursing school or pursue a nursing degree, you will undoubtedly be required to take the TEAS exam. Although not all nursing candidates must meet this standard, a lot of nursing institutions have declared the TEAS exam mandatory for students to clear if they want to begin a job in the nursing field.

What Exactly Is the TEAS Exam?

The Test of Essential Academic Skill, or TEAS, is an exam that candidates who have submitted to the nursing school must take. Universities and nursing institutions use this online exam to assess students' scholastic skills and intelligence. The TEAS online exam assesses students' work and forecasts how well they will integrate into this field. It determines whether or not the students' skills and talents meet the criteria of the nursing curriculum. As a result, a high TEAS online exam number can help you quickly gain admission to your nursing school. Certain nursing colleges and universities, on the other hand, admit students based on their records, scores, reference letters, and personal statements.

The Essentials of the TEAS Exam

Do you intend to take the TEAS online exam? Then there are quite some details that you should be aware of regarding this online exam. This Essential scholastic Skill Test will assess students' understanding of different topics as well as their scholastic competence in the area of nursing. The TEAS online exam is broken down into four sections:

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SECTION 1: Reading

Your reading ability is verified in this part. You must respond to 53 queries using the concepts and information provided to you.

SECTION 2: Mathematics

In this part, you must answer 36 fundamental mathematics questions such as observations, mathematical formulae, word problems, and so on.

SECTION 3: General Science

This part includes 53 questions about biological sciences, human anatomy, metabolism, and scientific reasoning.

SECTION 4: English Language

This part assesses your writing ability, terminology, and linguistic skills. In this part, you must answer 28 questions.

In summary, you have 170 questions overall and 209 minutes to complete your exam, which equates to 3.5 hours. The TEAS exam costs between $65 and $140, based on which school you take the online examination at. Where else, each school has its own set of TEAS exam regulations; however, some colleges allow students to take the exam more than once, while others permit it for more than a second time.

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