Iversity: A Massive Platform For Restless Learners

Iversity is a European Online Learning Hub that launched back in the year 2013. Germany is known for its educational standards around the world leaving most popular nations behind and this Berlin-based e-learning platform hence outperforms most of its competitors in providing advanced courses for students pursuing higher education. If you understand the concept of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and find it to be useful for learning free online courses, you are going to absolutely love this platform. Since the platform is based in Berlin, you can find courses in German, English and a few other languages, which is great for European and international students!

Iversity Online Courses and Classes

If you are ready to enrol in one of the inspiring and enlightening online courses of Iversity, here is everything you need to know. Their Massive Open Online Courses consist of engaging video lectures, animations, some interactive simulations and of course, written notes to help study. You can always review what your course consists of before signing up for one. Reviewing the course will also help you understand how many online classes it requires you to take and whether you can make time for them or will need help from experts. The best part is that you will get to interact with your lecturer for any queries through discussion forums after you are done taking your online class. Most of their online courses usually have an online exam or on-site exam depending on your choice or what the course offers at the end to test what you have learned. Another great thing about Iversity courses is that you will have to go for the paid version to get the certificate like how it usually goes but they provide you with a Statement of Participation for free!

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Take Online Courses AtIversity With Ease

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