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When talking about free online learning opportunities, it is hard to miss out on the mammoth competitor amongst all of these; Khan Academy! This free online learning platform is a non-profit educational organization created in 2008 by Salman Khan, a South Asian philanthropist from Bangladesh who made learning free for all. It doesn’t matter the corner of the world you come from, education is now a click away, all thanks to Khan Academy. This platform is a great supplement in addition to the school education for students of all ages thanks to how easily all the concepts are explained here.

Khan AcademyOnline Courses and Online Classes

Imagine what you could possibly learn in school; Khan Academy will have an elaborate course on it from elementary to high school level explanations through separate lectures delivered through online classes. A lot of the STEM subjects like math, biology, chemistry, physics, and computing, as well as art history, history, finance and economics, some languages, some parts of the social sciences and other specialized subjects. It doesn’t end there, they also offer you online courses to help you prepare for tests like the SATs, LSATs, Praxis, and much more! Plus, you will even find life skills courses that will help you understand the things you will need to apply in practical life such as applying for universities, scholarships, how mortgages work, paying taxes, etc. if you are feeling overwhelmed with the high amount of options to choose from, let us tell you that you can take up multiple courses at the same time as they are available throughout the year. A typical online class at the Khan Academy platform consists of a 7 to 14-minute video, that’s how short every lecture is! Finally, you can test yourself at the end to assess what you know ad how much you remember and gain points from taking online classes and attempting the tests.

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